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How It Works?​

Chopping Tech strives to connect people from technical backgrounds to the companies of their interests. Get access to Tech Startups, Firms, & Companies of your favorite industry.

Unlock and check what Tech Startups around you are looking for!

Filter, Research & Apply.

Chopping Tech is not a job portal, it is a Research Platform that opens up your mind.

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Why Us?


Zero Competition​

Hundreds of people apply when it takes a click on a notification. But there is zero competition when it takes research to find a dream company!

Direct Access To Companies

Tired of uploading resumes on job portals? Show up to recruiters, not middlemen

Choose A Company, Not Job

Experience how it feels to work in a team of similar minded people

View Live Openings Only

It feels bad to apply for a dead job opening that never replies back

No Personal Data Harvested

Since we don’t collect your resumes, we can’t really use anything​

Who Should Become a Chopping Tech Member?

Brand New Concept, Yet Loved By People Who Invest!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

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