Chopping Tech – June 2021 Update

It’s been 5 months since we launched Chopping Tech and we are growing consistently – in terms of users as well as features.

The aim was simple – to help connect Freelancers and Job Seekers to the Tech Startups, but in a different way.

Now, the important part >
We launched Chopping Tech with the most basic version and the pricing was kept competitive. With the growing users, costs and value – we are getting more ready to conquer the market.

With that said, the pricing of the Lifetime Membership will increase and the new pricing will be effective after 4th July 2021. On the other hand, there will be no changes to the existing members. They will keep enjoying the benefits and value.

What’s New For Chopping Tech Members?

1] We have now more than 1000 well-funded Tech Startups listed on Explore page. It’s still increasing.

2] Guides & Resources are natively added on Chopping Tech website. Earlier, we were using a temporary Facebook group to list video tutorials and text-based resources.

3] New Video Tutorial is Out: Automate Your Job Application or Freelance Outreach

Video Tutorial is added for automating the outreach part. Here’s how it will be a game-changing session >
– You have a list of Tech Startups on Chopping Tech
– You need to reach out to dozens of founders, HRs or decision making authorities asking for opportunities (yes, that’s what separates you from other job seekers or freelancers!)

Will you reach out to them manually one-by-one?

Learn automation to automatically send personalized emails and follow ups to multiple people. Save your time and focus on results.

4] New categories added – LogisticsTech Startups (Logistics + Technology) & PropTech (Property + Technology)

CategoryPrevious NumbersNewly Added
LogisticsTech [New Arrival]0+26
PropTech [New Arrival]0+10
Crypto & Blockchain24+1
Digital Media60+2
Electric Vehicles20+2
RetailTech & eCommerce50+3
Social Media29+1

PS: New pricing will be effective after 4th July 2021. If become a member now, you will keep enjoying the benefits at the current price.

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