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Who Should Consider Becoming a Member?

  • Job Seekers
  • Freelancers
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  • Researchers
  • People who are passionate about the Tech Industry

Reasons To Get Membership


👉 Direct Access To Companies – We don’t act as a job portal where you apply to age-old openings by submitting your resumes. Chopping Tech is a research platform to help you research the tech companies of your favorite categories.

👉 Free Video Courses – These practical video courses explain how you should research Tech Startups and outreach them using automation

👉 Free Templates For Freelancers – Freelancers often need to send their proposals to their prospects. Once you use ChoppingTech to find the best startups for yourself, how will you approach them with your offers and services? You can use these templates to send cold emails along with follow-up emails.

👉 View Live Openings Only – Find official pages of the companies where they post fresh job openings. It feels bad to apply for a dead job opening that never replies back. It is not going to happen on Chopping Tech.

👉 Choose A Company, Not Job – It is important for your career to select an industry of your passion and join a good company. Don’t be someone who randomly applies to every position. It degrades your value.

👉 No Personal Data Harvested – We don’t accept resumes or CVs. We believe in connecting our users to the right authorities rather than being a middleman.


👉 Zero Competition – All major job portals send a notification to their users about job postings. Result? Hundred of people apply for the positions.
Since we are not a job portal but a research platform, you will individually research the companies and apply for the positions directly.
It will help you to be an early applicant.

Currently, Our Portfolio Consists of These Categories:

📌 AdTech

📌 AgriTech

📌 BizTech

📌 Crypto & Blockchain

📌 D2C & eCommerce

📌 Digital Media

📌 EdTech

📌 Electric Vehicles

📌 Electronics

📌 FinTech

📌 FoodTech

📌 Gaming

📌 HealthTech

📌 InsurTech

📌 LogisticsTech

📌 PropTech

📌 SaaS

📌 Social Media

📌 SpaceTech

📌 TravelTech

📌 Web

And much more… That you can’t even imagine!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and claim your access!


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