Unpaid Internships

It’s Enough! Time To Boycott Unpaid Internships

“We provide unpaid internships but you will really learn a lot, get high exposure and we will even hire you as a full-time employee if your work is good. We will also provide you a certificate at the end of your internship.”

And the poor college grad just falls for such sweet words from HR. Mind you, HR people are extremely skills to sugar-coat their words and convince you for literally everything.

You – being a fresher or an innocent college grad, join the internship to get that ‘exposure’ and a ‘certificate’ that you can attach to your resume.

Guess what?
Nobody cares about those certificates. That experience in an unpaid internship doesn’t even count.

You end up wasting your precious time of a few months while learning absolutely nothing.

I will tell you how exactly this works!

What Exactly Happens at Unpaid Internships?

I am not against unpaid internships. If it offers real value then nothing can be better than that.

I am against those companies who exploit youngsters to get free labor in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Whenever an unpaid intern is hired, it is mostly done to delegate mundane tasks. Early-stage startups often opt for this method because they don’t have enough funds to hire full-time employees.

Some examples of tasks they ask you to do ~

  • Install that startup’s app and give ratings/reviews
  • Respond to the comments on social media
  • Copy pasting email templates and bulk sending them
  • Data entry

There are countless mundane tasks that interns do at such organizations. Result? Zero learning.

Is this why you joined an internship program? Probably no.

Internships are not for learning skills. They are for learning teamwork and office culture.


But What Should You Do To Learn Skills?

It’s the era of the Internet. You can literally learn everything within a few clicks. Learn those skills and try applying them to some personal projects.

You don’t need to join a shady company that just started up and looking to delegate its online activities.

What are you exactly looking to learn? Are you an aspiring –

  • Coder? Start building some basic tools, websites and apps
  • Writer? Start a blog and post consistently
  • Designer? Start an Instagram page and grow it
  • Video editor? Start recording and editing videos to publish on a YouTube channel
  • Salesperson? Start selling affiliate products

If you are looking to enter Digital Marketing then I have written a detailed blog on my personal website. Check it out 👇

The point is to learn a skill by yourself and then applying for a real job instead of working as an unpaid intern. If required, get a mentor.

Sounds better?

Am I Against Unpaid Internships?

No. I am against such exploitations of freshers and college graduates.

But there is a business making revenue, it is a moral responsibility of that company to paid the minimum stipend to interns so that they can carry out their fundamental expenses.

It’s basic! If someone is working for you, you pay them.

That intern could use the same time and energy doing something more productive. Or spend time doing something personal.
If it’s an office internship, traveling costs are involved as well.

If a new startup cannot afford to hire people, at least teach some valuable skills and make those interns a part of the team rather than exploiting them.

Free internships are simply not justified.

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